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FLEXI-BAR provides a simple and effective way of shaping and strengthening muscles. Flexibar tremulous vibrations through the body creating profound response - reflektoricke voltage hull, visibility can be achieved by muscle tension reflex grasping the handle and then vibrant gear, not knowing the movement. During training with the Flexi-bar, creating periodic oscillations, and the body naturally works against vibration and to employ deep and middle back muscles, lumbar muscles and muscles within the pelvis. Body and mind work together to form one whole.

Active vibrant flexibar passive strengthens internal muscles, the whole body responds to vibration. A number of vibrations per minute is not only a strong fitness training, but it is improving the body metabolism and increases heart activity. Such a method of practicing internal muscles helps to prevent and solve problems with spine.

After a short time assisted by:
* It is effective against back pain
* Strengthens ligaments
* Improves posture
* It shapes the character
* Strengthens muscles of the lumbar
* It improves balance, concentration, coordination, muscle responsiveness
* Stabilise muscle differences
* It helps to gain fitness after pregnancy
* helps eliminate excess fat
* to harmonize and increase the efficiency of movements